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take a programmer, engineer, and designer, and what do you get?


Kombucha? That's right... kombucha!


Our love for this tasty, sparkling beverage brought us together in 2011 when we started our home brewing operation. But we quickly learned that most people thought it was “just that hippy drink,” or didn't even know what it was in the first place.


So that’s how we began. We were on a mission to create a kombucha that anyone can enjoy. Not too vinegary, not too sweet, but all about the taste.


Yes, we had a humble beginning by experimenting with dozens of flavor combinations and fermenting them for weeks in our basement… but you’ve gotta start somewhere, right?


We laughed, we cried, we even brewed some pretty funky mixes. But now, we have four (+) awesome flavors selling in 10 states, a 5,000 sq ft brewery, and our very own taproom. You might say that we made an “upstart” kombucha.


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